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picture of this boy, taken at YSB

He was definitely against anything with a boy (let's say, he was homophobic) :
so, at first I had to be sure that he was sleeping.
At first he was really asleep, but after some time he probably did wake up but did not show it, and simulated.
I did not know it until he ejaculated (because at this moment he moved a bit his tee-shirt, surely to avoid stains).
After that, he said nothing, but I knew that he had to admit that it was pleasant.
Later, he asked for another "work" and said "you will masturbate me like last time ?" (it was visible that he was not against that) - (actually, we could never do any other job, but anyway you have a lot of stuff already, here and in YSB (about 24 hours spent with him!))