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picture of this boy, taken at YSB

picture of this boy, taken at YSB

Do you want to know the "story" of this set ? (which is TRUE, of course !)
In short, I already worked with him (you can see him at YSB), and after a few months, I came back to his town, and I saw him by chance, one night.
He was looking very miserable and in distress.
He explained me that he could not sleep at home, because his father had kicked him, because, the night before, he had (stupidly!) spent all the money given to him for 3 months of (good) school, in... guess what, drugs ! (actually an expensive medicine against Alzheimer or something like that, which can have some euphoric effects).
The story seemed quite unbelievable and crazy, but I could quickly verify that it was true, and also he showed me some sequels on his head, as his father punched him in the face.
Although I already had a good stuff of him, I considered paying him the night at hotel, and making a new job with him. The only problem was that the amount of money needed was very high. However, I thought that it was a good chance to solve his dramatic situation (how to pay the shcool ??), and that anyway sooner or later I would probably manage to cover the expense. But with this set, maybe this will take several years ! :-)
But anyway it was a good action (for everyone) - and I knew that I was not abusing of the situation, as he already did such work.
The rather high cost is also the reason why I spent a LOT of time on this set (recording), and I played during hours with his dick. Most of the time, in the bed, he was sleeping.
Since there was no risk, I could quickly turn the light on, after laying a cloth on his face, so we have a good image quality.
In the shower (clip 1), he knew that I was recording him, but I tried to do it the most genuinely possible (as if I was not there - actually he could not see me, nor the camera) and he did shoot a very nice cumshot (mini fireworks !), and as well as in the bed too...
I was so aroused that I could not prevent myself from cumming all over him also (you won't see my cock !), and after that, I tried to record his ass also, but it was not really possible.
Anyway this is a really great stuff, you will enjoy his dick in all possible states !
(especially the rock hard ones ! - but, as you can see in a preview clip, there are also several very good footages where his dick goes from small to very big and STRONG (and 'pulsating'!), and this is highly erotic !)
I considered setting a higher price, but I want to keep 5$ for every set - so it's also a "good value for money" !
Get ready to spend a good part of the night with him (it lasts nearly 2 hours !)